Welcome to the KnifeEdge®Bit Website

The precise reason it is so difficult to drive a Phillips screw today is because you are still using yesterday’s bits with today’s modern tools. They simply can’t work like they should! Some companies have painted them bright colors, dipped them in sand, and various other attempts to try to make them appear more functional or attractive without ever really changing the underlying design – which is still the problem.

We have changed 75 years of poor functionality with our unique design and engineering to solve the challenges of Phillips screws with our KnifeEdge® bits.

Today’s commonly found Phillips screwdriver bits are NOT designed to be used as they are today. No one has ever explained to you why, until now.

We looked around and tried everything we could find. What we found was that even though everyone we have ever talked to hates the way this tool works, No one had ever bothered to make the needed design improvements, so we did! Aside from the most basic shape that had to be maintained in order to still fit Phillips screws we made several major changes in almost every aspect of it’s design so that it was satisfactorily updated to be efficient, effective and finally, gratifying to use.

Our advanced new KnifeEdge® Bits for Phillips screws work with new screws or damaged old screws. Oily, rusty or dirty screws. Screws that before now had to be painstakingly removed and thrown away. Again, It works with most damaged, greasy, oily or wet screws the same way it does when you are in a clean, dry shop with new screws. It requires less effort than ever before and it works the same reliable way whether you use it for putting a project together or taking it apart. Sounds great doesn’t it?

What you are about to discover can be life changing. (Your tool use may vary.)

We would like to share with you the attributes we required of ourselves for our tool to be worthy of your support. 

  1. You should instantly notice the superiority when you first use it without any doubt. 
  2. It should save you time and/or money. Both would be best.
  3. It should save you energy and help protect you from injury. 
  4. You should want to think of it as your, ”only bit” after one use. You realize it’s value and will not let the KnifeEdge® Bit out of your sight once you have it. Old out of date bits will be retired. You’ll have to experience it to fully understand.

As you will see we are proud to say that we have successfully accomplished all 4.

KnifeEdge Bit Demonstration