Why KnifeEdge® Bit Is So Different

Why KnifeEdge® Bit Is So Different

Hello, First let us state that we have spent most of our lives working with tools. It is important to us that you understand that we do know what we are talking about. We had to experience the problems before we could seek the remedy. We are not wasting your valuable time. We would not do that.

We would like to emphasize is that if you use our Knife Edge® bit to begin with, you are unlikely to ever see another stripped screw head. It does make a nice removal tool but that is not it’s primary function.


This is a professional grade hardened steel tool. It is very likely that the screws you are working with are much softer so it is important that you start out slowly with the KnifeEdge® Bit and give your screw a chance to turn.

Today’s commonly found Phillips screwdriver bits are NOT designed to be used as they are today, but no one has ever explained to you why, until now.

We looked around and tried everything we could find. What we found was that even though everyone we have ever talked to hates the way this tool works, No one had ever bothered to make the needed design improvements, so we did! Aside from the most basic shape that had to be maintained in order to still fit Phillips screws we made several major changes in almost every aspect of it’s design so that it was satisfactorily updated to be efficient, effective and finally, gratifying to use.

Our advanced new “KnifeEdge®” Bits for Phillips screws work with new screws or damaged old screws. Oily, rusty or dirty screws. Screws that before now had to be painstakingly removed and thrown away. Again, It works with most damaged, greasy, oily or wet screws the same way it does when you are in a clean, dry shop with new screws. It requires less effort than ever before and it works the same reliable way whether you use it for putting a project together or taking it apart. Sounds great doesn’t it?

What you are about to discover can be life changing. (Your tool use may vary.)

We would like to share with you the attributes we required of ourselves for our tool to be worthy of your support. 

Damaged Screws Easily Turned by Knife Edge® Bit

Damaged Screws Easily Turned by Knife Edge® Bit

  1. You should instantly notice the superiority when you first use it without any doubt.
  2. It should save you time and/or money. Both would be best.
  3. It should save you energy and help protect you from injury.
  4. You should want to think of it as your, ”only bit” after one use. You realize it’s value and will not let the “KnifeEdge®” Bit out of your sight once you have it. Old out of date bits will be retired. You’ll have to experience it to fully understand.
    As you will see we are proud to say that we have successfully accomplished all 4.

Most of us learned at an early age the basics of tools, which hammers worked with nails, which saws cut wood or metal and certain screwdrivers worked with certain screws, right?

Experience teaches us that if you apply your hammer properly you will drive a nail straight into your work every time as desired. Conversely, anyone who has ever tried to drive a Phillips screw knows the frustrating disappointment of using your best efforts trying to complete the simple task of turning a screw, only to watch that screw often become unusable as the bit pushes itself out and destructs the screw head right before your eyes. This out of date tool should be called the “Screw Destroyer”, not screwdriver because it often destroys more than it drives. So now you’re stuck and it isn’t your fault! Here’s proof.

Henry Phillips Patent For Driver To “Cam out” Or Push Out When “It” thinks It’s Finished, Not You. It Served A Purpose Then. Now It’s The Cause Of Your Problems.

Diagram of Phillips BitDoes this sound familiar? You have that little job on your list that you promised to take care of before you head out, only to be stopped in your tracks by a stripped screw head because the bit came out and destroyed it before you were finished? You are left with a screw that is not out and it’s not in. It’s just…there!

You bite your tongue to not get in trouble but we all know the feeling, right? Now you either have to leave it for later or your plans have to change.

Wouldn’t it be great if that simple task didn’t have to turn into a frustrating all day job? It doesn’t anymore. Please continue reading…

To Understand The Solution You First Need To Understand The Problem. Henry Phillips introduced the “Phillips” bit for use on factory assembly lines back in the 1930’s. General Motors was one of the first to use it for their late 30’s Cadillac. In those days “Phillips” bits were driven by big high-powered factory machines that lacked the speed control that the tools we use today have. Because of this Henry’s Phillips bit was designed to deliberately “cam out” or push itself out of the screw at a certain point so that it wouldn’t be so likely to destroy the screws or the cars in the factories. Those screws were made of much higher quality stronger steel than typically found today, so this was an important feature on an assembly line back then.

Conversely that same old design is the precise reason it is so difficult to drive a screw today. You are using yesterday’s bits in a completely different situation with today’s modern drivers and they simply don’t work like they should! It’s true, that same old Phillips bit design that is still being sold today was never intended for use with the current tool technology we now use. So when you are fighting with your screwdriver bit trying to keep it in the screws please know that it is simply “caming out” just as it was engineered to do. The more you work at  it, the more you can bet it will come out and destroy your screw.

While over the last 75 years other tools have progressed to be much better, Phillips bits themselves have changed little and unfortunately more often than not, softer screws have become commonplace. You probably never knew before that you are not to blame when that old bit comes out and consequently damages your screws, your work or sometimes, both.

In summary, now that you understand, if given a choice, you wouldn’t expect to drive a nail straight with a rounded hammerhead; you would pick a hammer with a more appropriate flat striking surface, one with the handle at just the right angle to the face of the hammer so that when you strike the nail you can give yourself the best chance of success. Now you realize the need for a better Phillips bit for the same reason. Not one deliberately designed to “cam out” and strip your screws making unnecessary extra work for you but instead designed to make your work easier and much more reliable to complete the task at hand. We have done that.

Finally There Is A Better Bit! Great News!

Seriously, We have developed the first major technological improvement to the Phillips screwdriver in a very long time. Our new Patent Pending innovative “KnifeEdge®” Bit has gone through extensive engineering and testing. It is designed for today’s tools and screws. We believe it is now the very best Phillips bit available. We know it sounds like we are saying we have the cure for some awful disease, but in this instance, we do!

When used properly, starting out slow giving the screw a chance to turn, the “KnifeEdge®” Bit, Does not slip, Does not strip, Does not “cam” out, Does not destroy screws, Requires no extra force to stay in the screw, Drives dirty oily screws like dry screws, Drives most damaged screws and will often remove screws that before would not have been possible with a regular bit.

It grabs on to the screw like no other bit to offer you the most torque without damage. There are numerous unique patent pending improvements that all work together to make this the very best driver available today. It will drive damaged screws like new screws in both directions. Now you can drive Phillips screws without damaging your screw heads and without having to replace them! Think about the time that will save you and how much better your finished job will look.

What We Set Out To Do.

From the very start our primary goal was that our “KnifeEdge®” Bit had to work they way we have all wished for, it had to be compatible with the standard Phillips screws that fill the world of fasteners today or why bother? It also had to be compatible with current bit drivers and holders.

Additionally since our founder has a bad shoulder we wanted a design that would no longer require the user to “lean” into or need to “muscle” the bit to try to make it work, which we were able to do. This had never been accomplished before. As a result of our other requirements we also created a bit that works in dirty oily screws the same as dry screws. Last but not least it had to drive a screw in either direction without damaging the head. These were major, we were not looking to make new screws to fit our new bit as others have done. In our view this would not be of much help since it is estimated that well over 80% of all screws in the world today are Phillips screws, we run into them daily, so creating the “KnifeEdge®” Bit to work with those seemed obvious! We are pleased to report that the “KnifeEdge®” Bit works extremely well, it works whether tightening or loosening, in areas with little or no leverage and on oily screws. When you start out with new screws, they can still look new after you have driven them by using the “KnifeEdge®” Bit. And there is another added bonus…

Take It Easy On Yourself. Do More Work With Less Effort!

How you ask? With the “KnifeEdge®” Bits new design you place the bit in the screw as you normally do and slowly squeeze the trigger on your driver. It will stay in the screw until it is all the way in or until you take it out. This is new and it is designed that way! No extreme force is required to keep it from slipping. No more leaning into the screw like before. No more sore shoulders. When you try it yourself you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Imagine how much easier your work will be without the unavoidable “workout” of the past? This is a tremendous advantage when you’re up on a ladder, reaching up over your head or out to the side or in any situation where you have reduced leverage or a lot of screws to drive.

This is NOT one of those “disaster drill out and throw the screw away removal” tools that sell for about $20 and still leaves you missing a screw and with an unfinished job. By then, it’s too late!

While you will be amazed with how well the “KnifeEdge®” Bit works with previously damaged screws that ordinary bits won’t budge at all, it’s important to know that when you use the “KnifeEdge®” Bit to begin with it is very unlikely that you will ever have screws that need to be replaced.

Have you ever had a screw strip out and you didn’t have a spare that matched? Your project just went on hold until you can find a replacement screw. Now you can prevent that waste of time and money.

Made For Todays Phillips Screws. It's Like Nothing Else You've Seen!

Made For Todays Phillips Screws. It’s Like Nothing Else You’ve Seen!

The “KnifeEdge®” Bit Will Be Your Only Bit of Choice.

We have perfected the design of the “KnifeEdge®” Bit. Trade Marks and Utility Patents have been filed with the U.S. Patent Office. This is a serious professional grade tool. As such we will only make professional quality bits using the best materials and machining techniques available. This is important to understand because due to their very complex patent pending design these KnifeEdge® Bits are much more expensive to make than the old style Phillips bits of the past. Those bits are generally made by stamping them out at speeds too fast to see. Our bit is much more multifaceted and the attention to detail is much higher with closer tolerances so those methods simply would not work for us. An example might be if you think about a table leg, one that is basically straight from end to end costs much less to make than one with lots of details that takes more time, labor and expertise so while our cost is more, they are worth every penny simply because the are so much easier to use, should last a lot longer and offer a much better result. In short, ours actually work!

The difference in cost is a small price to pay when compared to how much better the “KnifeEdge®” Bit performs. Think of all the frustration you’ll no longer experience using this bit and they are less expensive than the rescue bits mentioned above. Also Henry’s old bits do not last as long as tests have shown ours do because “KnifeEdge®” Bits do not bounce in and out of the screw heads beating themselves to death like before while they destroy your screws which is what greatly accelerates the wear and tear to Henry’s old bits.

We are offering the most common sizes, a No.1, a No.2, and a No.3 in either a 1.35 inch length that fits a standard magnetic bit holder or as a 2-inch power bit that fits most power driven drills and chucks as well as others. FYI Most screws take a No.2 bit. If they are smaller screws they will require a No.1 bit. Using the correct size, as with most things, is critically important.  If you are not sure we suggest you buy both and use the one that fits into the screw head up to the shoulder of the bit. This way your job will be easy to complete.

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A Final But Important Thought.

During the last few years we have worked with many people who without their skillful help we would have never made it this far. We appreciate them all tremendously and are forever thankful. We often heard from those who have worked with us in developing the “KnifeEdge®” Bit that once you know about it, once you’ve tried it, every time you need to turn a Phillips screw, you will be glad you have one. Those that had our prototypes and the thousands that have bought them similarly said they were very relieved to have the right tool for the job.

The instant you try it, you will see why this could easily become the industry standard! Thank you for your time and support. We seriously appreciate you!

Please contact us with any questions at dan@knifeedgebit.com