Gentlemen, I am thrilled with your Knife Edge bit. I used it to remove LOTS of screws from a spa I had in our basement. Over 20 years ago we bought this house with the intention of removing the very expensive spa. I tried in vain to get the screws out and just couldn’t. Recently I saw your knife edge bits online. It was beyond the answer to my dream tool. It is especially useful for screws buried deep in holes. It gripped the screws like nothing else I have ever used. A real “rescue tool” if I’ve ever seen one. Thank you for finally clearing our basement. My wife couldn’t believe it.

Steve L. – Homeowner


I love tools and am always looking for something better. I saw Knife Edge bits in This Old House Magazines, Best Tools Of The Year Guide featuring the 14 best new tools of the year, so I ordered some. One of the guys I work with laughed at me because they cost more than regular bits. So when we faced an old monster of a hot tub enclosure sitting in the middle of a project that had to be moved for the owner without damaging it and the screws were sunk into the wood and naturally stripped by whoever installed it, we were stuck. This was my chance to show him he was wrong. I asked him if he wanted to spend days drilling them all out or would he rather just put the Knife Edge bit I bought into the hole, find the screw, and slowly turn it out and watch it come right to you? You should have seen his face. Priceless!

#WorthTheirWeightInGold, #CheaperThanWastedLabor, #NoOneLaughsNow.

Jesse – Carpenter

Awesome! It came right out.

“My husband failed to tell me our knife edge bits arrived….but I found him posting this on Facebook today, “We had some screws poking through the seat base on 2 of our chairs. Both chairs had a screw that they had destroyed when they put the seats on. I thought I would try the knife edge bit an once it got a good grab of the screw it came right out. Wow!

Lori – Homeowner

These are the real deal…

We purchased our house with a large deck mostly because it has an incredible view. Ever since we bought the house my wife has wanted me to replace the deck boards because they were in bad shape. The beams and supports holding everything up were fine, I just needed to get the top boards off but the screws were stripped and I didn’t want to spend countless days removing them. My wife saw KnifeEdge Bits online and ordered some. I was skeptical but I gave them a try and couldn’t believe how well they worked! These are the real deal.

Ted A. – Project manager

Great tool! End of story!

Knife Edge Bits are a vital part of my preparedness/survival kit because they work as advertised, they turn screws without wasting energy or battery time, which is of paramount importance if something happens and I have no quick way to recharge a battery, if I am in a situation where I need to count on this, it has to work and it has to work efficiently. These do. Great tool! End of story!

Jeff – Survival expert

Worked better than I ever thought possible.

As a plumber I get into all kinds of situations. Today I was working on a job with marble walls when I came upon some stripped screws I needed to remove through a small hole. I put a KnifeEdge Bit into my hand held screwdriver because space was too tight and I was afraid of chipping the marble with a power tool. Your bit worked better than I ever thought possible. It just really worked and saved me a lot of time and trouble.It also saved the customer $130 an hour on what could have been a much longer job.

Steve P. – Plumber

Made quick work of it.

I was working on a security camera with a tiny screw that was stripped and driving me nuts. I grabbed your KnifeEdge bit and made quick work of it. Thank you for a great product.

Stephan – Professional

They work every “bit” as advertised!!

They work every “bit” as advertised!! Thanks for a wonderful product and your hard labor to get this out to everyone. I’ll be enjoying these bits for years to come!

John L. – Homeowner

Exceeded my expectations!!

Great news, Work Excellently! Exceeded my expectations!! Very very useful.

lexandra S – Homeowner

Noticeably more stable…even in brand new screws.

Received mine today. They are amazing. Noticeably more stable than expensive Phillips bits when inserted into even a brand new screw. You can even feel how grippy they are with just your fingers.

Michael J.- Homeowner

My bits are everything I expected them to be.

My bits arrived yesterday and are everything I expected them to be. Well Done, Thank you and good luck.

Carley T – Homeowner

I put them to work immediately. Awesome product!

My bits arrived a few days ago and I put them to work immediately. Awesome product! Thanks again.

Paul P. – Homeowner

Knife Edge Bit Reviewer

Review from Dr. Ryan K.


Just got my knife edge bit and it’s awesome. I’ve been having fun walking around my house tightening things.

I can’t believe the BITE this thing has. I can’t wait to find a stubborn screw only my KnifeEdge can remove. All those crappy stripped screws had better watch out….there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is KnifeEdge!

Dr Ryan K.

Review from Thomas S, “I am honestly impressed with these Knife Edge bits!”

I am honestly impressed with these Knife Edge bits! I backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter, at last count I have had about 65 that have been successfully funded, and almost 100 that have not been. The knife edge bits that you have created, are the first rewards I have ever received from a Kickstarter project, where I have genuinely felt like they will improve my quality of life. They work amazingly well, and I was finally able to unscrew a door hinge, where someone previously had almost destroyed the head of the screws. It was one of those little irritations that I kept meaning to fix, but none of my bits had enough “bite”. When I got my new Knife Edge bits through the post, it was the first problem I tackled with them, and my girlfriend was on hand to snap a photo of me trying them out. I think the smile says it all!

Thanks very much, and I hope you continue your work.