It’s Not What You Think. Please Take Note Of What Size Screws Fit Which KnifeEdge® Bits.

Before using your new KnifeEdge® bit you should  know that if you were to do a search on the web you would learn something that most people do not know.

A #1 Phillips bit fits  a #2 – 4 screw. Yes, you read that right. As confusing as it is, to have success when working with screws these are important to know. A #2 Phillips bit fits #5-9 and a #3 Phillips bit will fit #10 -16 screws.

If you do not follow these guidelines and give your bits a chance you will likely not enjoy the results you would like because KnifeEdge bits will try and hold on to the screw rather than bounce out like traditional bits. This is like a weight lifter only using only 2 fingers instead of his whole hand. He doesn’t have a chance to hold on.

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