How Do You Eat Soup? Knife Edge Bit Has Some Thoughts For You.

Very many of you are really enjoying your new KnifedEdge® bits. A lot of you have already ordered more from our site, and we thank you for that. We have now shipped close to 5000 bits to about 1700 people. That number will quadruple within approximately 30 days.

We at Knife Edge bit can not say how much we appreciate you and all of your kind words. We want you to be happy.

We want to make what we are about to say so obvious that everyone easily understands.

Things that we do often we know how to do. We don’t serve soup out of the pot with a small dinner spoon, we use a large soup ladle, because that works the best. We don’t eat the soup with a ladle, (Except for cousin Bob) we use a soup spoon. We use the correct implement for the job. Why? Because again, that is what works best.

So why am I telling you this? Because we have also heard from 3 or 4 people out of 5000 or so who felt they might have had a problem with our bits.

Quality is always a major concern for us so we have looked into it a great deal. In each case when we see the bits and the screws they tried to use, it was a misapplication. We know that none of us are perfect however we can not engineer your properly using the bit. That has to come from you, the user.

As with any tool, the bits will only work if used as designed. They must get a fair chance to grab the screw head and this can only be accomplished by choosing the right size screw for the bit and vice versa. Putting just the tip of a bit part way into a screw head that is too small and squeezing the trigger on your driver will not likely yield a good result. Our bits may try to hold on instead of popping out because of the design. They may also be able to be damaged misusing them this way because you haven’t got enough of the tool inside the screw which creates tremendous torque on the tip of the bit. You will know if you did this because only the tip will show stress. This is user error which is not the fault of the bit. It never had a chance to show you what it could do.

Please make sure your bit fits all of the way into the screw head up to or at least very close to the shoulder of the bit where it has an angle that then goes up to the top of the bit. If you do this, you should have nothing to worry about.

We want you to have every success so please try to follow these guidelines. We hope this helps!

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