Review from Thomas S, “I am honestly impressed with these Knife Edge bits!”

I am honestly impressed with these Knife Edge bits! I backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter, at last count I have had about 65 that have been successfully funded, and almost 100 that have not been. The knife edge bits that you have created, are the first rewards I have ever received from a Kickstarter project, where I have genuinely felt like they will improve my quality of life. They work amazingly well, and I was finally able to unscrew a door hinge, where someone previously had almost destroyed the head of the screws. It was one of those little irritations that I kept meaning to fix, but none of my bits had enough “bite”. When I got my new Knife Edge bits through the post, it was the first problem I tackled with them, and my girlfriend was on hand to snap a photo of me trying them out. I think the smile says it all!

Thanks very much, and I hope you continue your work.

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