I love tools and am always looking for something better. I saw Knife Edge bits in This Old House Magazines, Best Tools Of The Year Guide featuring the 14 best new tools of the year, so I ordered some. One of the guys I work with laughed at me because they cost more than regular bits. So when we faced an old monster of a hot tub enclosure sitting in the middle of a project that had to be moved for the owner without damaging it and the screws were sunk into the wood and naturally stripped by whoever installed it, we were stuck. This was my chance to show him he was wrong. I asked him if he wanted to spend days drilling them all out or would he rather just put the Knife Edge bit I bought into the hole, find the screw, and slowly turn it out and watch it come right to you? You should have seen his face. Priceless!

#WorthTheirWeightInGold, #CheaperThanWastedLabor, #NoOneLaughsNow.

Jesse – Carpenter

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